The Pestacles Festival; introducing your children to the joys of the arts

Throughout the summer, young and old, with family and friends; all are welcome at Pestacles! The summer arts festival for children returns during the summer holidays to the Parc Floral of the Bois de Vincennes. For the occasion the park is transformed into a gigantic playground full of activities and discoveries for the young ones, and it’s all ideally located near the Hotel Comète. Bring your family and share the joy in an exquisitely beautiful setting.


A playground of activities and discoveries

Created and launched in the 1990s by the City of Paris, Pestacles quickly became the leading children’s summer festival, offering young people an exciting journey into the world of the arts and entertainment. Pestacles takes place from 14:30 every Wednesday from June to September in the bucolic setting of the Parc Floral of the Bois de Vincennes. Throughout the summer, this public park located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris comes alive with artistic and fun adventures, innovative musical experiences and happiness.

This exquisite setting of flowers and greenery provides the picturesque backdrop for performances by artistes from many creative groups who have been chosen especially for the important task of keeping up a high standard of entertainment and activities all summer long. The Pestacles fun includes amazing musical experiences with concerts suitable for everyone from the age of two upwards ...

Pestacles 2019 will give your children a wealth of surprises and magical moments. Imagine dance shows, street shows, circus acts, discovery tours, traditional storytelling from around the world and workshops of all kinds. Your children will be able to meet artistes and performers in the exceptional setting of the Parc Floral’s bamboo grove. This is a brief summary of what is planned for Pestacles 2019, but please note that the full programme has not yet been finalised.


All genres of music, all kinds of cultures

Variety, pop, folk, rock, electro, hip-hop, jazz, classical music and world music ... The Pestacles musical programme promises to satisfy all the preferences of aspiring young music lovers who will be thrilled to attend the various concerts and other entertainment planned for the festival. The French chanson as well as the music of different cultures will be well represented at the concerts scheduled to take place in this lovely setting.

On the last Wednesday of August, carte blanche is given to a group of young artists from the urban scene of the Paris and Greater Paris area! The children adore these poets whose work is often witty, clever and incisive. The year 2018 saw girls in the spotlight ... What will the theme be in 2019? Finally, to finish the festival in fine style, a big dance-off is planned with a dancefloor and a shower of surprises.

You and your family can enjoy an inexpensive programme appealing to all ages. The festival is free for children under 7 years old. For anyone over this age, the entrance fee to the park is €2.50.


Photo credit: Christophe Meneboeuf / Licence

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