Enjoy sweet visits to gourmet pâtisseries in Paris

With macarons, eclairs, Paris Brest and much more, Paris is the capital of sweet gourmet treats. Awesome pastry chefs share their passion and their best creations with lovers of creative and delicious delights. During your stay in the capital, why not visit the most exquisite Parisian patisseries?


Pierre Hermé; macarons galore

The emperor of the macarons has shown the world that the same specialty can be infinitely adapted, never becoming tired. The macarons of Pierre Hermé are famous throughout the world for their finesse, delicacy and sheer irresistibility. It's time for you to come and visit the ultimate temple of the macaron, the pâtisserie Pierre Hermé in Paris. The hardest part, certainly, will be choosing the flavours you want in your assortment.


Sadaharu Aoki; the chic Japanese pâtisserie

With subtle flavours and aesthetics of great finesse, the creations of Sadaharu Aoki unite the French and Japanese traditions and the result is an explosion of flavour in the mouth. You can enjoy matcha tea opera cakes, yuzu macaroons or black sesame éclairs. This is radical; your taste horizon will suddenly expand, just like your urge for fabulous flavours.


Cyril Lignac; the generous pâtissier

The convivial and beloved French chef delivers his classic pâtisserie revisited in his boulangerie pâtisserie in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. He works with respect for tradition but always adds a unique touch to thrill the taste buds. His shop is the ideal destination to pick up a small dessert on the go during a great walk in Paris.


L'éclair de Génie; colourful and delicious eclairs

Why limit yourself to classic flavours such as chocolate or coffee when you can explore a thousand and one different kinds? This is the question posed by Christophe Adam, who loves eclairs so much that he decided to cater to all tastes. His charming little creations are as beautiful to look at, with their pop colours, as they are to eat, with a cream of a legendary lightness.


Hugo and Victor; pâtisseries in accordance with the seasons

An original and tasty concept! In the pâtisserie Hugo and Victor, pastries are seasonal, and you’ll not taste the same succulent desserts in winter as you do in spring. Delicacies featuring almonds, fig, verbena and mirabelle plums are to be savoured from this unique pâtisserie.


Hotel Comète; your cosy cosmic nest

Your head in the stars is literally what’s on offer at the Hotel Comète in Paris. This trendy and whimsical establishment celebrates the theme of space with its procession of scintillating stars, planets and astronauts. It is situated in the fashionable 20th arrondissement, which boasts a wealth of independent bookstores and cosy cafes. The rooms of the Hotel Comète are comfortable, elegant and unique, and promise beautiful journeys to unknown galaxies! Book your gourmet break now on our official website.



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